October 3, 2017

Introduction to ACOMP: Technical Note 001

ACOMP: The Automated System that allows Continuous Realtime Monitoring of Polymerization Reactions Abstract ​ ACOMP (Automatic Continuous Online Monitoring of Polymerization Reactions) is a patented product from Fluence Analytics that continuously monitors and characterizes polymers during polymerization or post-polymerization processing steps of laboratory or industrial scale polymer reactions. Beyond allowing the user to monitor polymerizations...
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ARGEN_PEGS Boston 2018

Fluence Analytics Announces ARGEN Product Launch

New Instrument Continuously Analyzes Protein and Natural Polymer Aggregation (New Orleans, LA, U.S.) ‒ Fluence Analytics, a manufacturer of realtime, industrial and laboratory monitoring systems, today announced the launch of ARGEN, a patented protein and polymer stability monitoring product. By utilizing continuous light scattering measurements, ARGEN yields a unique information stream which reduces discovery and...
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