April 25, 2018

Prof. Wayne Reed Presenting ACOMP Data during Polymer Reaction Engineering X

Fluence Analytics CSO, Prof. Wayne Reed, will present new ACOMP data during the Polymer Reaction Engineering X (PRE 10) conference. PRE 10 will take place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from May 20-25, 2018 and is organized by Engineering Conferences International. The conference is a forum for academic and industry researchers to present breakthrough technologies...
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ARGEN_PEGS Boston 2018

Kinetic Analysis of Peptide Aggregation: ARGEN Application Note 004

Kinetic Analysis of Peptide Aggregation Background Peptide-based pharmaceutical technology requires the delivery of therapeutic oligopeptides as designed in a stable form for effective application. Downstream from therapeutic peptide isolation or synthesis, peptides are often subjected to HPLC purification, synthetic modification, and preparatory treatments for long-term storage. Spoilage in the form of aggregation, degradation or oxidation...
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