Real-time Data — Real-time Optimization

Yokogawa Fluence Analytics, which was named as a Top 50 global advanced manufacturing startup by CB Insights, provides patented process analytics and control solutions to polymer and biopharmaceutical customers worldwide. Yokogawa Fluence Analytics is a global leader in real-time polymer reaction monitoring and control, and its industry-leading ACOMP product is the only commercially available smart manufacturing system that continuously monitors and measures polymerization reactions.

The company’s biopharmaceutical product line includes a high-throughput static light scattering instrument that can independently measure the stability of biopolymers under thermal, chemical and/or mechanical stress, while also performing shelf-life stability studies at low temperatures. Learn more about Fluence Analytics and its products here.

Company Leadership
Alex Reed

Alex Reed

Co-founder | President | CCO
Wayne Reed

Prof. Wayne Reed

Co-founder | CSO
Bill Bottoms

Dr. Bill Bottoms

Co-Founder | Emeritus Chairman
Mission Statement

Yokogawa Fluence Analytics’ mission is to transform the polymer and biopharmaceutical materials industries by producing patented measurement and analytics technologies, delivering novel data sets to manufacturers and researchers worldwide.

Company Values


Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, one dataset at a time


Striving to deliver the best quality of products and data to our customers


Providing customers with reliable systems that generate accurate data


Delivering realtime, novel insights that transform customer processes


Committed to honesty and empiricism in our relationships with customers

Vision Statement

Yokogawa Fluence Analytics is a team of engineers, scientists, and business professionals working together to push the boundaries of manufacturing and science, enabling higher efficiency, performance, new classes of materials and sustainability in the polymer and biopharmaceutical materials industries.