ACOMP Fluence Analytics

Smart Polymer Manufacturing

ACOMP by Yokogawa Fluence Analytics continuously analyzes polymers during production, generating real-time analytics and enabling users to control desired polymer characteristics and specifications. ACOMP plays a leading role in digital transformation plans by generating never-before-seen data sets that improve product quality and yields, reduce cycle times and mitigate energy consumption and material waste.

How ACOMP Works


ACOMP Fluence Analytics

Biopharma Development Optimization

ARGEN enables the rapid characterization and assessment of the stability and viability of therapeutic proteins, peptides, and biopolymers under thermal, chemical and mechanical stress. ARGEN detects the early onset of aggregation and degradation, accelerates development times of biologics, and evaluates long-term shelf-life viability at low temperatures.

Engineered Materials & Sustainability

Lab ACOMP is an essential R&D product used to optimize existing processes at the bench and pilot plant scale by generating real-time data on polymer properties, reaction kinetics and process anomalies. Lab ACOMP also accelerates the product development of next-generation smart materials, powering new, sustainable applications and the circular economy.

Digital Transformation Enabled by Real-time Analytics and Automated Process Control

Today’s end users of advanced and specialized materials require increasing levels of performance as applications continually expand. A key facet of digital transformation is expanding the available quantitative process data to improve decision-making. Gain the Yokogawa Fluence Analytics advantage by accessing real-time, advanced analytics and control solutions that lead to optimized, autonomous operations.