Animated Video: How ACOMP Works

Learn how ACOMP can Transform your Polymer Process


The animated ACOMP explainer video is also available with Japanese and Chinese subtitles. 

Video with Japanese subtitles
Video with Chinese Subtitles

ACOMP is an automated smart manufacturing system that continuously analyzes polymers during production, yielding real-time data about reaction kinetics and polymer properties such as residual monomer, monomer conversion, polymer composition, molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity. ACOMP enables customers to increase polymer yields, quality and consistency, increase worker safety, reduce cycle times, VOCs, and energy and raw material usage, and optimize process control efforts.

This animated How ACOMP Works explainer video simplifies the ACOMP process with cutting-edge visuals, enabling polymer manufacturing and R&D teams to understand ACOMP’s value in a few short minutes. Watch this video to learn how your company can transform its polymer production and R&D processes with ACOMP’s next-generation real-time monitoring and analytics technology today.

The HOW ACOMP Works explainer video makes the case for why smart manufacturing technology, real-time data and process optimization is needed in the polymer industry. Surprisingly, the polymer manufacturing industry still heavily relies upon manual sampling and testing methods. This presents a vast opportunity for companies seeking to implement new sophisticated process control technologies and break away from traditional practices in polymer production and research & development. When polymer manufacturing processes are not fully optimized, companies essentially leave dollars on the table. Moreover, manual QC processes can lead to off-spec polymer products that are either sold at a cheaper price, re-worked, or disposed of entirely. Conversely, ACOMP provides a steady stream of real-time data via a continuous sampling and measurement process of the reactor contents, yielding never-before-seen process insights that enhance efficiency. Furthermore, since ACOMP is a connected smart system, it is easily integrated into a plant’s DCS, and this integration allows plant personnel to access data on the polymer’s properties and the production process throughout the entire reaction.