Transforming the Polymer Industry with Real-time Analytics


Accelerate R&D and Scale-up Efforts with Real-time Polymer Analytics

Lab ACOMP is an essential R&D product used to create and monitor the synthesis of new polymer products, improve scale-up efforts, or optimize existing processes at the bench and pilot plant scale. The smart system continuously analyzes polymers during reactions, yielding real-time data about polymer properties, reaction kinetics, and process anomalies. It also accelerates the product development of next-generation smart materials, powering new, sustainable applications and the circular economy.

Lab ACOMP can measure intrinsic or reduced viscosity at desired shear rates, molecular weight, monomer consumption, and polymer composition, while also tracking polymer formation. The system can be designed for use with multiple reaction systems, and it can be integrated with a GPC system. Yokogawa Fluence Analytics also offers custom reactors and control systems to accompany the system, which fits inside a typical laboratory hood.

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Lab ACOMP: An Essential Instrument for Research & Development

Realtime ACOMP Data
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