How Digital Transformation Enables Autonomous Polymer Operations

Y NOW 2021

Digital Transformation Enabling Autonomous Polymer Operations

The theme of Yokogawa Electric Corporation’s Y NOW 2021 conference was Realizing Autonomous Operations. Alex Reed, CEO and Co-founder of Fluence Analytics, delivered a keynote talk about enabling autonomous polymer operations through digital transformation. Alex’s keynote discusses three of the most important aspects of polymer manufacturing: specifications, operational efficiency, and inventory management. The polymer industry is currently struggling with aging assets and variations in feedstocks and workforce performance. Now is an opportune time to standardize critical operating parameters through quantitative means, and it is vital for polymer companies to do so to remain competitive in a dynamic market landscape.

Today’s end users require increasing levels of performance from their materials as applications continually expand, pushing the limits of existing assets and technologies. This is especially timely and important as the workforce ages, and tribal knowledge has not been adequately captured and quantified. A key facet of digital transformation is expanding the available quantitative process data to improve decision-making. Click below to view this exciting webinar to learn how your company can drive digital transformation efforts to soon achieve autonomous polymer operations.

Webinar topics include:

1) How IIoT and advanced analytics can drive autonomous operations
2) Real-time data and control solutions for polymer production
3) Achieving greater sustainability while creating new, smart materials

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