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ACOMP Brochure: Realtime Monitoring of Polymerization Reactions

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ACOMP is Automatic Continuous On-line Monitoring of Polymerization reactions, a patented solution that continuously extracts, dilutes, and conditions a small stream of reactor contents for analysis by a variety of non-chromatographic and chromatographic methods throughout the entire reaction process. The system can directly measure macromolecular properties during production. This fundamental information is used by the system to determine monomer conversion kinetics, evolution of molar mass, comonomer composition and drift, and other polymer properties traditionally measured through discrete, off-line analysis. ACOMP can also immediately identify undesired polymerization events such as out-of-range quality specification production or microgelation due to phase separation or cross-linking, so that corrective control actions can be taken. For more information, read the ACOMP brochure.

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