ACOMP Digital Booklet

ACOMP Digital Booklet

Real-time analytics is a huge focus area for us here at Fluence Analytics because we understand that these insights can truly transform a business in several areas. Many of our customers seek to reduce operational expenses because this allows them to gain greater market share by offering more competitive prices. Some of our customers are interested in improving product yields, while others are more focused on quality and consistency. Our smart manufacturing system, ACOMP, helps customers achieve their goals by providing real-time analytics on critical polymer properties like molecular weight, viscosity and conversion, while also enabling greater process control.

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As explained in this ACOMP Digital Booklet, polymer production can be very tricky as it relates to the quality aspect. It’s oftentimes even more difficult to consistently produce the same quality of newly developed products and then standardize them within a very tight acceptance range. On the efficiency side, the process is tremendously time consuming for companies looking to scale up, create new products, alter recipes, and target different applications. The final major aspect relates to the operational health, safety, and environmental perspective. Many companies attempt to prioritize mitigating operator exposure, waste reduction, smaller environmental footprints, and improving the sustainability of production operations. Of course, this is easier said than done, but the good news is that there is a better way.

The ACOMP Digital Booklet examines the costs and downsides of intermittent data via manual sampling during the quality control process. Furthermore, it builds a value case for real-time analytics, control and insights throughout the entire polymer production process. At the end of the day, Fluence Analytics develops technology solutions that help our customers make better quality products in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

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