Fluence Analytics to exhibit at ARBRE MOBIEU’s Molecular Biophysics Conference


ARBRE MOBIEU 2019 Conference – Booth 10

The 2019 meeting of ARBRE MOBIEU, the Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe — Molecular Biophysics in Europe, is taking place in Zagreb, Croatia from March 18 – 20. At booth number 10, Fluence Analytics will showcase ARGEN, a static light scattering instrument for analyzing molecular aggregation and stability in real time. By generating realtime kinetic data, ARGEN enables smarter product development, the early detection of aggregation, and the ranking of protein and peptide stability. Please visit the the Fluence Analytics booth to learn more about ARGEN and the value of realtime protein and peptide aggregation data. 


Peptide stability characterization as influenced by thermal and stir stress using ARGEN

Additionally, ARGEN Product Manager Stephanie McCormick will present a poster during the conference. The poster will explore using ARGEN to evaluate realtime peptide stability as influenced by pH, sample concentration, temperature, and stirring stress. The poster will present data that an ARGEN user could easily use to understand how and when aggregation or degradation occurs to target formulation development efforts to mitigate such undesired results.

Anyone interested in arranging a meeting with Fluence Analytics during ARBRE MOBIEU 2019 should email info@FluenceAnalytics.com.

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