Fluence Analytics CTO to Show ARGEN’s Capabilities at Polymer Testing & Analysis Conference in Pittsburgh

Michael Drenski, CTO of Fluence Analytics, is attending  AMI’s first Polymer Testing & Analysis 2017 Conference at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center, and he will present data from using ARGEN to monitor and characterize polymer degradation of polystyrene. Michael’s talk is scheduled for Session 5 on Wednesday, September 20 at 9:10 a.m.

ARGEN is a light scattering instrument that can detect realtime aggregation, degradation and particle formation by applying any combination of thermal, mechanical and chemical stressors to each sample. Michael’s presentation will describe using ARGEN to apply temperature, stirring and solvent stresses to 16 polystyrene solutions simultaneously. The light scattering data generated by ARGEN for each sample was continuously measured and directly correlated to changes in polymer chain length. This information was used to easily evaluate the kinetics of degradation and make correlations to each stressor in a high throughput manner.

ARGEN provides continuous, realtime kinetic data for multiple samples over any specified length of time. Additionally, ARGEN’s high throughput screening and continuous monitoring can lead to increased reproducibility by revealing comparative information about potential sample stressors and degradation.

The Polymer Testing & Analysis Conference offers the opportunity to discover and debate the latest innovations in polymer testing, characterization and analysis.

Email ARGEN@fluenceanalytics.com today if you are interested in learning more about ARGEN for polymer or biopharmaceutical processes and applications.