Industry Expert, Dr. Danny Chou, to Present ARGEN Data during AAPS Webinar on Protein Degradation

A critical component of the biopharmaceutical development process is the creation of a formulation to protect proteins from various mechanical and thermal stressors that occur during manufacturing, storage and transport. In non-optimized formulations, stressors cause protein degradation which can render the biopharmaceutical ineffective and possibly harmful to patients. For this reason, researchers are starting to optimize formulations during the pre-clinical phase to prevent the biopharmaceutical from later encountering a costly obstacle or failure during clinical trials.

Dr. Danny Chou, an expert in biopharmaceutical formulation development, is speaking on an American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists webinar entitled Formulation Strategies to Prevent Protein Degradation on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 12:30 p.m. (EDT). The webinar will review basic information on protein formulation and analytical development; additionally, Dr. Chou and the other speakers will propose strategies and procedures to prevent physical protein degradation and chemical protein degradation. Anyone interested in learning more about proven formulation strategies to prevent protein degradation is encouraged to register here.

Dr. Chou is founder and President of Compassion BioSolution which provides consulting services on biopharmaceutical formulation development with a focus on protein aggregation. During the Formulation Strategies to Prevent Protein Degradation webinar, Dr. Chou will present data collected using ARGEN during a multi-team formulation development study.

ARGEN is a light scattering instrument by Fluence Analytics that continuously measures the pharmaceutical stability of proteins under controlled stressor conditions. ARGEN has 16 independent sample cells which enable users to vary stressor conditions and determine corresponding aggregation or degradation properties for all samples. These measurements are made continuously and automatically calculate the kinetic aggregation rate for each sample, which can be used as a parameter to optimize formulation development. For more information on ARGEN, email

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