Dr. Wayne Reed to Discuss ACOMP Applications and Recent Developments at International Symposium on GPC/SEC

The International Symposium on GPC/SEC and Related Techniques will take place at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans from Monday, October 2 through Thursday, October 5, 2017. Dr. Wayne Reed, CSO of Fluence Analytics, will overview ACOMP during the second plenary session from 1:45 – 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday, October 3.

ACOMP is an automated solution for continuous, realtime monitoring of polymerization reactions. ACOMP can incorporate several detectors based on customer needs including multi-angle light scattering, UV/visible absorbance, refractometer, dilute solution viscosity, polarimetry, conductivity, and full coupling to a standard back-end GPC/SEC system. Other detectors that have been demonstrated and are available in special circumstances include NMR, dynamic light scattering and infra-red absorption. The data fusion from these detectors provides realtime measurements of weight average molecular weight, intrinsic viscosity, conversion kinetics, ppm residual monomer and other important properties.

Dr. Reed’s presentation will review the ACOMP technology and provide details of ACOMP applications and new developments such as monitoring the evolution of stimuli responses in ‘smart polymers.’ The presentation will also discuss monitoring the stability of biopolymer solutions with a focus on therapeutic proteins.

The International Symposium on GPC/SEC and Related Techniques is designed for users of all backgrounds involved in polymer characterization. During the Symposium participants will discuss current analytical challenges, learn about industry and academic solutions, and gain insight into research advancing polymer characterization analytics.

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