Fluence Analytics to Present ACOMP Data During Polyurethanes Technical Conference in New Orleans

Fluence Analytics Product Manager, Natalie Leonardi, is presenting ACOMP results from the online monitoring of a step growth polymerization of polyurethane during the 60th annual Polyurethanes Technical Conference at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel. Natalie’s presentation is scheduled in the Chemistry I technical session for Tuesday, October 3 at 10 a.m. in Galerie 3.

Polyurethanes Technical Conference

ACOMP is an automated, smart manufacturing system that measures macromolecular polymer properties during polymer synthesis. Natalie’s presentation will discuss how ACOMP monitored the polyurethane polymerization from isophorone diisocyanate and ethylene glycol. ACOMP successfully monitored the reaction in real time by utilizing a proprietary multi-angle static light scattering detector and a viscometer, which yielded continuous weight average molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity throughout the reaction.

Realtime insight of polymer properties such as weight average molecular weight, intrinsic viscosity and monomer and polymer concentration enable reactor optimization by reducing cycle times, improving quality and increasing plant yield. Furthermore, ACOMP facilitates the contextualization of plant data which allows for the development of a knowledge base around polymer quality, leading to additional plant optimization.

The Polyurethanes Technical Conference is the longest-running polyurethanes conference in North America, and it is the premier destination to preview the polyurethanes technology of tomorrow and key information for today.

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