Fluence Analytics presenting ACOMP case studies at Gulf Coast Conference 2018

Dr. Sig Floyd to discuss new case studies on polyacrylamide and acrylic adhesives

Fluence Analytics Business Development Advisor, Dr. Sig Floyd, is presenting new ACOMP case studies during the Gulf Coast Conference. These case studies will overview typical ACOMP applications for process monitoring such as polyacrylamide reactions, condensation polymers, and acrylic adhesive formulations. The presentation will also detail common ACOMP benefits, including cycle time optimization, detection of process upsets, improved product quality, and mitigating process anomalies due to gelation.

Additionally, Dr. Floyd’s talk will discuss new research where ACOMP was used to target composition and/or molecular weight during polymer production. Finally, the presentation will provide a glimpse into the future of ACOMP. This includes an ACOMP capable of industrial process control of polymer properties and machine learning through advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Fluence Analytics has already demonstrated process control of polymer properties in laboratory applications.

The Gulf Coast Conference takes place October 16-17 in Galveston, TX at the Moody Gardens Convention Center. Dr. Floyd’s talk, Application of ACOMP for Process and Quality Improvements Based on Real-Time Measurements in Polymerizations, is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17 at 2:45 p.m. in the Iris Room. Email info@fluenceanalytics.com to arrange a meeting with Dr. Floyd during the conference.

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