Imagine Chemistry — The Nouryon Collaborative Innovation Program

Fluence Analytics Accepted into Imagine Chemistry Competition

Fluence Analytics, a startup providing industrial and laboratory analytics solutions to polymer manufacturers, was accepted into the 2019 Imagine Chemistry competition.  The collaborative platform is organized by Nouryon, the former specialty chemicals business unit of AkzoNobel. The competition works with selected startups and university organizations to foster a healthy ecosystem of sustainable innovation. Fluence Analytics was one of 13 finalists chosen among 160 applicants from more than 30 countries.

Imagine Chemistry finalists will compete for a chance to secure a joint development agreement, a supply agreement, or a research support agreement with Nouryon. The 13 finalists are grouped among five research areas. These include Sustainable Bio-based Surfactants (in partnership with Unilever), Performance-boosting Nanoparticles, Sensing in Demanding Chemical Environments, Label-free Chemistries, and Pushing the Frontiers of Chemical Innovation. Fluence Analytics will be among the companies in the Sensing in Demanding Chemical Environments discipline.

Alex Reed and Matthew Willard, CEO and Sr. Marketing Manager of Fluence Analytics, respectively, will represent the Company during the competition. Imagine Chemistry will take place from May 21-24 at Nouryon’s RD&I center in Deventer, the Netherlands. During the three-day event, Alex and Matthew will work with a team of Nouryon technology experts and business leaders to develop a value case for driving ACOMP across Nouryon’s polymer applications. The value case discussions will center around the opportunities created by ACOMP, a smart manufacturing system that monitors polymer reactions in real time. ACOMP’s realtime data streams provide novel insights into material properties. These insights enable the optimization and control of polymer production and R&D processes across many different types of polymer chemistry.

About Imagine Chemistry

Now in its third year, Imagine Chemistry seeks to discover solutions to chemistry-related problems by working and partnering with innovative startups, university spin-outs, and other organizations. Since the inception of Imagine Chemistry, the collaborative platform has generated more than 500 of these solutions.