Polymer Families Supported by ACOMP

Fluence Analytics launched its Applications Engineering Center during summer 2016. Working directly with customers and conducting internal R&D, Fluence Analytics has used ACOMP to monitor, and in some cases control, numerous polymerizations across a spectrum of polymer families.

Since the launch of the Center, Fluence Analytics has expanded the number of polymer chemistries which are supported by ACOMP. Fluence Analytics will continue to add chemistries and processes where ACOMP can deliver immediate value to manufacturers.

Manufacturing executives, engineers and managers interested in utilizing realtime data to optimize efficiency, cost, quality and sustainability of polymer manufacturing processes should contact ACOMP@fluenceanalytics.com to learn more about our products and potential for process optimization. Typical benefits include cycle time and off-spec product reduction and overall yield enhancement. Below is a list of polymerization chemistries that ACOMP can successfully process and monitor. In addition to the list of chemistries, Fluence Analytics is evaluating any chemistry in liquid phase e.g. solution, bulk, dispersion, emulsion, etc. For other types of chemistry, extended application engineering may be required.

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