Fluence Analytics Webinar – Rapid Analysis of Protein Formulation Stability

Introduction to ARGEN webinar

Protein aggregation has presented biopharmaceutical scientists with constant difficulties during formulation development. Historically, batch-based methods such as SEC, HPLC and other aggregation detectors offer incomplete solutions because they do not provide scientists with realtime kinetic data on protein stability nor insight into the mechanisms of protein aggregation.

ARGEN, an instrument by Fluence Analytics, adds a powerful tool to the protein scientist’s arsenal. ARGEN is a light scattering instrument with 16 independent sample cells that can simultaneously test for protein aggregation while stressing samples under multiple conditions including chemical, mechanical and thermal.

During this webinar you will gain insight regarding:

1) The problem with protein aggregation
2) The importance of knowing aggregation kinetics
3) An introduction to ARGEN
4) Using Aggregation Rate (AR)
5) Developing a more stable protein formulation
6) Other ARGEN applications and use cases

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Meet The Experts

Michael Drenski

CTO & Co-founder of Fluence Analytics
Expert in ARGEN, light scattering and online analytics
Michael Drenski

As the CTO of Fluence Analytics, Michael leads the technology vision and roadmap, setting and executing the company’s product development priorities. Michael is listed as inventor on several patents, and he has more than 15 years of experience developing ARGEN’s hardware, data analytics and proprietary technologies.


Dr. Danny Chou

President & Founder of Compassion BioSolution
Expert in protein aggregation, formulation development and analytical technology

Danny ChouDr. Danny Chou is the founder and President of Compassion BioSolution, a consultancy that provides biopharmaceutical formulation development services with special focus on protein aggregation and particle analysis. Dr. Chou, a renowned industry expert, has over 15 years of experience in formulation development, protein analytical technology and drug delivery.