World Materials Forum Startup Challenge

Fluence Analytics to Compete in 2019 World Materials Forum Startup Challenge

Fluence Analyticsa New Orleans based startup that provides realtime industrial and laboratory analytics solutions for polymer manufacturers, was accepted into the 2019 World Materials Forum (WMF) Startup Challenge. The prestigious competition will take place June 12-14 in Nancy, France. As a selected finalist, Fluence Analytics will receive an all-expense paid trip, free registration, and a booth during the forum. Alex Reed, CEO of Fluence Analytics, will represent the Company during the WMF Startup Challenge.

The fifth annual WMF is dedicated to the ‘Future of Materials.’ ACOMP by Fluence Analytics is a smart manufacturing system that yields realtime measurements during polymer production and R&D, enabling companies to develop novel and smart materials. ACOMP’s realtime data streams enable manufacturers to optimize and control polymerization processes—leading to greater yields, improved product quality, and reduced cycle times. Using these new insights, customers can optimize existing production processes, scale up faster, and accelerate the next generation of their products to the market.

About the World Materials Forum

WMF is an annual international symposium that attracts scientists, technologists, and executives from a range of different industries. The forum discusses many topics including smart materials, supply chain productivity, energy efficiency, and sustainability in the plastics industry.