Fluence Analytics Launches New Website

Fluence Analytics, a manufacturer of realtime monitoring products for the polymer and biopharmaceutical industries, launched a revamped, new website.

The new website enables users to effortlessly locate ACOMP and ARGEN information of interest to them. Additionally, due to increasing interest, we have added a streamlined feature that allows users to request quotes, proof of concept trials, and application engineering projects for ACOMP, ARGEN and Lab ACOMP. Fluence Analytics recently introduced the proof of concept program to allow companies to experience the power of ACOMP and ARGEN on their own materials at their own facilities.

Other features of the new website include:

  • Simple internal site search
  • Downloads category for all case studies, application notes and technical notes
  • Improved navigation menu
  • Upcoming events webpage

We hope you enjoy navigating our improved website and look forward to hearing from you so we can work together to optimize efficiency and quality in the production of polymers and biopharmaceuticals!

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