Fluence Analytics Taps New Executive Advisor


(New Orleans, LA, U.S.) ‒ Fluence Analytics, a startup that provides combined hardware and software analytics solutions to polymer manufacturers, today announced that Craig Allshouse has joined the team as an Executive Advisor. The new hire comes as Fluence Analytics is expanding its installation base across the globe. Craig has more than 30 years of experience as a global industrial equipment manufacturing executive. He began his career with GE, and he has previously worked with startup companies that had successful exits.

“We first worked with Craig on a technology project as his customer at COSA Xentaur. We were very impressed with his breadth of operational, strategic and sales knowledge for measurement technology in the process industries. He successfully led his last venture to an exit via an acquisition. Adding Craig to our team will better position us for our company’s next stage of growth,” says Alex Reed, CEO of Fluence Analytics.

Craig was President and COO of COSA Xentaur, a company that had more than 30 years of experience in providing innovative measurement solutions to the petrochemical, energy, pharmaceutical, and plastics industries. COSA Xentaur was acquired by Process Insights, a portfolio company of Union Park Capital, in 2017.

“Since my early collaboration with Fluence Analytics, I became very interested in the opportunity of realtime measurement and optimization in the polymer space. I saw this as a significant opportunity, especially as the industry shifts to smarter production methods leveraging new datasets. I am excited to work with Fluence Analytics as ACOMP is deployed globally and helps polymer manufacturers optimize their processes and improve the quality, consistency and yields of their production processes,” says Craig Allshouse.

ACOMP by Fluence Analytics is a realtime measurement system for polymer reactors that enables chemical companies to increase profits. Typical industry standard measurement processes rely on lab testing of single data points, while ACOMP can standardize and optimize polymer reactions with new datasets. ACOMP’s usage has delivered millions of dollars in savings to industrial customers by reducing cycle times, adding additional capacity, and mitigating off-spec production requiring rework or complete disposal.

About Fluence Analytics

Fluence Analytics delivers realtime industrial and laboratory analytics solutions to polymer manufacturers. The realtime data streams that are generated by the company’s products provide novel insights into material properties. This enables customers to optimize and control polymerization processes—leading to greater yields, improved product quality, and reduced cycle times. Current investors include Energy Innovation Capital, a premier energy technology venture firm, Diamond Edge Ventures (Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporate Venture), and JSR Corporate Venture Capital. Visit www.FluenceAnalytics.com to learn more about the company’s solutions for realtime data. realtime optimization.


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