FTIR Detector Used to Identify Comonomers with Similar UV Spectra

Tulane PolyRMC, the academic research partner of Fluence Analytics, recently published a peer-reviewed article for Macromolecular Reaction Engineering that details the use of ACOMP, coupled with an FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy) detector, to continuously monitor and characterize a copolymerization reaction of acrylate monomers with an indistinguishable UV spectra. Typically for ACOMP applications, a UV detector...
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Kinetic analysis of RAFT and free radical copolymerization

Fluence Analytics and its academic research partner Tulane PolyRMC collaborated on a peer review article for Polymer Journal which describes the kinetic analysis of continuous reaction data for RAFT and free radical copolymerization with acrylic and styrenic monomers. Free radical and RAFT copolymerization rates for styrenic monomers in bulk and aqueous reactions were accelerated by...
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