molecular weight controller

Prof. Wayne Reed Presenting ACOMP Data during Polymer Reaction Engineering X

Fluence Analytics CSO, Prof. Wayne Reed, will present new ACOMP data during the Polymer Reaction Engineering X (PRE 10) conference. PRE 10 will take place in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from May 20-25, 2018 and is organized by Engineering Conferences International. The conference is a forum for academic and industry researchers to present breakthrough technologies...
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Automatic Synthesis of Multimodal Polymers

Fluence Analytics collaborated with its academic research partner Tulane PolyRMC on a peer review publication in Macromolecular Reaction Engineering. An automatic molecular weight controller is used in semi-batch reactions to produce final polymers that contain distinct subpopulations with different molecular weight distributions (MWD). While blending polymers with different MWD is frequently used to make multimodal polymer products,...
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Automatic Control of Polymer Molecular Weight during Synthesis

Fluence Analytics and its academic research partner Tulane PolyRMC collaborated on a peer review article for Macromolecules which discusses using ACOMP to automatically control polymer molecular weight during synthesis. The continuous record of monomer and polymer concentrations, Cm and Cp, and cumulative weight-average mass, Mw, furnished by automatic continuous online monitoring of polymerization reactions (ACOMP) has been harnessed...
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