monoclonal antibody

Rapid Determination of Mw for a Monoclonal Antibody

Colloidal stability is determined by the balance of repulsive and attractive intermolecular interactions between protein molecules, like a monoclonal antibody, to conserve the native folded state. Simply stated, the propensity for aggregation is reduced by less intermolecular interaction. Therefore, determination of the second virial coefficient (B22) is a valuable screening tool to predict aggregation propensity....
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Characterizing the Thermal & Chemical Stability of a mAb

In these experiments, ARGEN was used to characterize the thermal and chemical stability of a monoclonal antibody and subsequently establish quantitative and qualitative properties such as pH and temperature dependence on aggregation kinetics. Additionally, SEC elution profiles were superimposed onto Mw/Mo output, providing a robust comparison and identification of the stability landscape for the mAb....
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