Continuous Polymer Analytics


ACOMP: Continuous Polymer Analytics

The Continuous Polymer Analytics webinar by our Co-founder & President, Alex Reed, captures how our ACOMP system continuously analyzes polymers during production, enabling users to control desired polymer specifications and characteristics. ACOMP is a smart manufacturing system that plays a leading role in digital transformation plans by generating never-before-seen data sets that improve product quality and yields, reduce cycle times and mitigate energy consumption and material waste. This Continuous Polymer Analytics webinar juxtaposes ACOMP and its benefits with the industry’s status quo of manual polymer sampling and measurements. Companies that bring this process online typically reap compounded benefits, allowing for a more sustainable production process, optimized efficiency, and cost savings to a business unit’s bottom line.

Beyond highlighting ACOMP’s value to manufacturing, R&D and scale-up processes, during the Continuous Polymer Analytics webinar, Alex presents a few ACOMP case studies. These include tracking viscosity, monomer conversion and molecular weight during Bridgestone/Firestone’s solution styrene butadiene rubber polymerization, detecting the early onset of gelation, and optimizing a continuous EPDM reaction, which helped to prevent over cooking and off-spec product quality. Additionally, the webinar covers how Lab ACOMP can help companies accelerate the product development of next-generation smart materials, powering new, sustainable applications and the circular economy. Click below to view this exciting webinar today and learn how your company can transform its polymer operations processes with ACOMP’s next-generation real-time monitoring and analytics technology.

Webinar topics include:

1) Comparison of ACOMP and the industry status quo of manual sampling and intervention
2) ACOMP case studies: SSBR, EPDM, polyacrylamide
3) Creating next-generation, smart materials

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