Polymer Characterization 101 – The Fundamentals

Polymer Characterization Webinar

Expand your knowledge of polymer characterization!

The latest webinar by Dr. Wayne Reed delves into the fundamentals of polymer characterization, including techniques and detectors used for analysis and the measurements they generate. Dr. Reed is considered a leading expert in polymer analysis. During this webinar, he also discusses the evolution of polymer analysis from discrete, off-line testing to real-time, in-process analysis.

Topics covered during the webinar include:

1) The basics of polymer characterization
2) Different detectors and techniques for polymer analysis
3) The value in using particular techniques like GPC
4) Importance of kinetic datasets

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Meet the panelist

Dr. Wayne Reed

Dr. Wayne Reed – CSO at Fluence Analytics

Dr. Reed is co-founder & CSO of Fluence Analytics and the inventor of all technologies contributing to the company’s product portfolio. He is the Murchison-Mallory Chair in Physics and Founding Director of PolyRMC at Tulane University. He has authored over 150 publications and is listed as an inventor on over 30 issued patents and applications.

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