ACOMP Feedback Controller for Polymer Molecular Weight

In this technical note we will demonstrate the use of active feedback control with Lab ACOMP to directly control polymer molecular weight by adjusting the monomer feed into the reactor. By integrating ACOMP with a feedback controller, molecular weight is directly controlled, something previously not possible in polymerizations.
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Polymer Quality Control with ACOMP

Using ACOMP in an industrial environment allows for improved polymer quality control of production processes and material properties. With the benefit of an online, real-time analysis provided by ACOMP, plant operators can take corrective actions to change QC parameters or even halt the reaction if the product properties are deviating too much.
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ACOMP Analytics during Polyacrylamide Polymerizations

ACOMP provides a real-time, online analysis of polymerization reactions. This technical note describes how ACOMP can track the properties of polyacrylamide produced with different initiator types and concentrations. This note compares the effects of initiator type and concentration in the synthesis of polyacrylamide, a specialty polymer with many industrial applications.
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