Webinar: Biosimilar – Protein Aggregation and Stability Analysis

Fluence Analytics participated in a biosimilar webinar discussing the use and advantages of ARGEN  to analyze the aggregation and stability of proteins. The webinar dives into Simultaneous Multiple Sample Light Scattering (SMSLS) which is a technology utilized by ARGEN.
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Webinar: Forced Degradation of Proteins through Mechanical Stress

Dr. Curt Jarand, a Research Scientist at Tulane University’s PolyRMC, will explore the benefits of applying mechanical stress and material interactions while collecting kinetic aggregation data. The webinar will present data collected on ARGEN, a static light scattering instrument by Fluence Analytics.
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Comparing Protein Stability

Comparing the Stability of Protein Formulations with ARGEN  
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