formulation development


The ARGEN eBook discusses the key indicators of biopolymer instability, the importance of accelerating development times, and how ARGEN expedites the development of stable biopolymers.
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ARGEN Digital Booklet

The ARGEN Digital Booklet provides insight into various applications utilizing ARGEN’s patented simultaneous multiple sample light scattering (SMSLS) technology to accelerate and optimize the development of novel biotherapeutics. Biopharmaceutical companies are experiencing greater demand to develop novel biologic therapeutics in less time, and this requires a paradigm shift in the way teams approach formulation development...
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Automated & Rapid Way to Assess Quality & Stability of Biologics

Determine the Stability of Biologics This peer review article from American Pharmaceutical Review describes new tools for determining the stability of biologics, including ARGEN by Fluence Analytics, that not only have low sample requirements but also generate precise and reproducible data to effectively implement an advanced design of experiments approach. This article uses a real case...
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Biopolymer Characterization & Polymer Degradation

Understanding the thermal, chemical and mechanical stability and physical properties of polymers is essential for development success. The case studies below outline the experimental methodologies and data analysis using ARGEN™ to monitor polymer degradation and to characterize molecular weight as well as the effects of temperature, shear stress and solution conditions on the stability of...
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Comparing Protein Stability

Biopharmaceutical companies isolate many types of proteins for use in experimental and therapeutic medicines. Unfortunately, when removed from their native environments, proteins become less stable. Unstable proteins are more prone to degradation from the primary stress mechanisms: mechanical and thermal (from manufacturing, storage and transport) and biological (from drug delivery). The challenge for biopharmaceutical companies...
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