ACOMP Feedback Controller for Polymer Molecular Weight

In this technical note we will demonstrate the use of active feedback control with Lab ACOMP to directly control polymer molecular weight by adjusting the monomer feed into the reactor. By integrating ACOMP with a feedback controller, molecular weight is directly controlled, something previously not possible in polymerizations.
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ACOMP Analytics during Polyacrylamide Polymerizations

ACOMP provides a real-time, online analysis of polymerization reactions. This technical note describes how ACOMP can track the properties of polyacrylamide produced with different initiator types and concentrations. This note compares the effects of initiator type and concentration in the synthesis of polyacrylamide, a specialty polymer with many industrial applications.
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Fluence Analytics presenting ACOMP case studies at Gulf Coast Conference 2018

Dr. Sig Floyd to discuss new case studies on polyacrylamide and acrylic adhesives Fluence Analytics Business Development Advisor, Dr. Sig Floyd, is presenting new ACOMP case studies during the Gulf Coast Conference. These case studies will overview typical ACOMP applications for process monitoring such as polyacrylamide reactions, condensation polymers, and acrylic adhesive formulations. The presentation will...
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