Characterizing Polyurethane Polymerizations with ACOMP

This technical note demonstrates the use of ACOMP to monitor two types of polyurethane polymerizations, the industry standard and a novel type using a non-toxic isocyanate monomer. The ACOMP system can monitor in real time the intrinsic viscosity and molecular weight for the stepwise polymerization reaction that occurs.
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Fluence Analytics to Present ACOMP Data During Polyurethanes Technical Conference in New Orleans

Fluence Analytics Product Manager, Natalie Leonardi, is presenting ACOMP results from the online monitoring of a step growth polymerization of polyurethane during the 60th annual Polyurethanes Technical Conference at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel. Natalie’s presentation is scheduled in the Chemistry I technical session for Tuesday, October 3 at 10 a.m. in Galerie 3. ACOMP...
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