technical note

Impact of Stirring Stress

Using ARGEN to Determine the Impact of Mechanical and Physical Stress   Curt Jarand, Ph.D. Tulane University Center for Polymer Reaction Monitoring and Characterization (PolyRMC) New Orleans, LA 70118
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Using 90° SLS to Determine Mw

On the limits of 90° static light scattering for determining weight average molar mass Mw A discussion with Chief Science Officer, Dr. Wayne Reed Technical Note 003 assesses the fractional error in Mw that results when θ=90° detection is used, instead of a full angular extrapolation via MALS.  
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Generating Aggregation Rates

Generating Aggregation Rates to Determine Stability of Monoclonal Antibodies
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Introduction to ARGEN

ARGEN: The Aggregation Rate GENerator that monitors protein and polymer stability
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Introduction to ACOMP

ACOMP: The Automated System that allows Continuous Realtime Monitoring of Polymerization Reactions
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APMT Releases First Technical Note Detailing Full ACOMP Capabilities

(New Orleans, LA, U.S.) ‒ Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies (APMT) has released its first technical note, detailing the features, benefits and functionality of the ACOMP smart manufacturing system. The technical note describes the evolution of the ACOMP technology honed through R&D efforts over the past 20 years by scientists and engineers at Tulane University and...
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